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I've been a photographer since 2011, but not until this past year have I recognized that photography is not my passion. Story-telling is. A friend challenged me with this quote in spring of 2016: "Robyn, you're not a photographer. You're a story-teller. And you're not going to be happy until you're telling God's stories." That simple challenge launched a year of amazing opportunities to tell stories of adoption, ethical orphan care and motherhood. Not sure where the next story will take me, but I'll be posting about it here.

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In the past year, I've started collecting feathers. Not just any feathers, but feathers divinely sent into my path. Literally, all of these have appeared at seemingly random times in random locations. But through a series of "only-God" connections, He has allowed these feathers to speak His dream into my heart and mind. Each one has a special story. I hope they'll inspire you to seek out the Dreamgiver for the dreams He has specifically for you :)